Never to late to start

Hi my name is “Andy” and I’m 40 and I’ve just started to do a Graphic Design Degree.
“WHAT…Why” I hear you cry. Well, let me give you some background into why I’m taking the leap to further my education at this late stage.
I have successfully been in the Creative Industry in some form to another for over 20 years but the last five years have been tough I mean really tough, I’ve been made redundant twice and have been out of work from my last outing for over a year which was tough. I used to run a small designs and development team, but now I’m doing web development work for a agency for the same amount of money as a junior web developer gets, don’t get me wrong I love being a designer/web developer but something not really right in a industry when experience seems to be worth nothing. Hence maybe a Design Degree might help. “Hell I don’t know everything” and I sure am learning new things and skills in my current job. But part of me has always wondered when employers look at a CV do they just toss the ones without a Degree in the bin? In a ever competitive market is it worth being a jack of all trades? well that’s the main reason I’m doing this Graphic Design Degree and writing this blog.

Ill definitely learn something new, maybe I’ll get a better insight into a higher echelon in the creative world, or maybe it will open some doors which were firmly shut to me before.
We will have to wait and see.