About Andrew Cui Edwards

Digital Designer and book author

My Story

My name is Andrew. I live in Bristol, and a professional illustrator. While I work mostly within graphic design and web design, illustration has always been my favourite means of expression. I grew up in the UK and Malaysia, so my sketchbook and my imagination are full of influences from both sides of the world.

My brain was raised on a hearty diet of comic books, toy robots, Saturday morning cartoons, Star Wars, and Sega. And not a whole lot has changed since then, really, except that my sketchbook has gone digital.

I originally made Pesky Panda as a Tag for my Artwork in the world of creative discipline – an attempt to get myself to draw more and play around with images and ideas that wouldn’t fit in my professional work.

A playground for the side of my brain that never really grew up, I suppose. It’s proved to be a tremendous motivational tool, and I’m really pleased with some of the art that’s come out of it so far.

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