What is the Spring Festival?

Eat lots of fish 鱼

Yú in Chinese sounds like surplus traditionally a Catfish is preferred as 鲶鱼 nián yú which means “Year Surplus”and considered good luck to eat during the spring festival.


What is the Spring Festival?


The Chinese New Year is a huge festival that celebrates the start of a new year using the Chinese lunar calendar and begins on the first day of a new moon unlike the Gregorian calendar the start of the spring festival can change and does not fall on the same day each year, for instance, the first day of the Chinese new year will be on a Saturday, 25th January 2020 which will be the year of the rat.

The Spring festival is what Chinese people call this celevration that lasts upto 2 weeks. there are a lot of customs and traditions that are associated with this festival. Like what sort of food you should eat to bring you and your family good luck!

Sweeping the floor?

Chinese new year is all about inviting good luck into your house by sweeping up and taking the rubbish out of the house on this day you are taking the good luck and fortune that has accumulated all year out of the house.
Don’t worry though its only for a day.

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