What is Nián gāo?

年糕 Nián gāo

Nian gao sounds like  “’getting higher year-on- by year”’ in Chinese, during the Chinese New Year this sweet gooey rice cake is just as popular as christmas pudding or mince pies.

Nián gāo


Nian Gao is a traditional Chinese rice cake that is made by pounding Glutinous rice and sugar into a sort of rice dough and then shaped. You can often find Nian Goa cakes shaped like fish as this is also considered to be good luck.

Nian Gao has to be cooked to be eaten as it is an old traditional way of keeping rice for long periods. There are many different types of Nian Goa and not all of them are sweet but during the Chinese New Year or Spring festival, the Chinese people will often have the sweet one and cook it by either steaming it or gently pan-frying it.

Why don’t you take a trip to your local Asian market and try and find some to try for your self?

No porridge for breakfast!

Normally rice porridge is eaten as a staple at breakfast in china, but this breakfast is frowned upon in china on this day because it is closely linked to a sign of being poor.

Instead, why not have a warm hot plate of dumplings which are seen as welcoming in good fortune

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