Who is Caishen?

年糕 Nián gāo

Nian gao sounds like  “’getting higher year-on- by year”’ in Chinese, during the Chinese New Year this sweet gooey rice cake is just as popular as christmas pudding or mince pies.

Caishen the God of Wealth

Caishen is the the God of Wealth in Chinese Mythological and is worshiped in both Taoism. Like other Chinese gods he often takes on human form in myths and legends teaching us mere mortals the rights of our wrong doings.

During the spring festival a lot of different Chinese gods are celebrated.

New clothes, please!


It is especially bad luck to wear an old or damaged pair of trousers or jacket on new years day. even more so for children as they are seen as bringers of good fortune and by dressing them in old clothes is said to bring in bad luck for the new year.

You want to look your best for the new year.

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