What is a Firecracker?

Long Noodles 长寿面

Longevity Noodles Chángshòu Miàn are longer than normal noodles and uncut, either fried and served on a plate or boiled and served in a bowl with their broth. They are believed to give the eater long life and happiness and are often served in the middle of a table so that everyone can take part in mixing all the ingredients together to try and form the highest pile possible, heaping up the goodluck and long life for all the family members.

What are Firecrackers?


During the Chinese New Year especially in China, you will hear lots of loud bangs and see lots of bright colours that light up the sky. Just like in the Chinese New Year Story it is traditional to light fireworks and firecrackers to scare away Nian and any bad luck that remains in your house.

The louder the firecracker the better.
They often come in large strips of individually tightly wound up gunpowder rolls with a central fuse running along the whole length of the strip.

No sad faces or crying!

Crying or being sad during the Chinese Spring Festival is believed to bring bad luck to the family,
so parents do their very best to keep their children from crying on New Years Day.

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